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Olmstead Initiative

Group Leader: Ginny Beigel

344 Members

The purpose of this online community is to foster discussion and collaboration about Olmstead implementation throughout the country. Members of the group include Olms...

Mental Health Transformation Grant (MHTG)

Group Leader: Global Administrator

177 Members

This group is for the grantees of the Mental Health Transformation Grant (MHTG). The purpose of this grant program is to foster adoption and implementation of permanen...

State Mental Health Planning and Advisory Councils (MHPAC)

Group Leader: Bruce Emery

171 Members

The goal of the State Mental Health Planning and Advisory Councils (MHPAC) group is to help members learn about resources and best practices for supporting MHPACs, wit...

WASLI (Women's Addiction Services Leadership Institute)

Group Leader: Deb Werner

92 Members

This learning community is for Associates, Coaches and Advisors of the Women's Addiction Services Leadership Institute (WASLI). WASLI is a six month leadership pro...

Drugged Driving Link (DDLink)

Group Leader: Fran Basche

20 Members

This is a closed group for NIDA Expert Panel members focused on the development of national minimum data set (NMDS) for drugged driving that will form the basis of the...

Olmstead Communities of Practice

Group Leader: Carol Bianco

7 Members

Olmstead Planning and Self-Assessment for State Mental Health Agencies: The US Supreme Court Decision, Olmstead v. L.C. determined that persons with disabilities, in...

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